Professor Petros Lorrimor

Famed scholar, explorer, and teacher. And most positively dead.


The last time he was seen, Professor Lorrimor was pale of complexion and looked as if he’d lost a bit of the weight he’d gained after a few months in his library. His chest had an extra stake made of oak protruding from it, of course. That had been driven through his heart, along with the iron spikes in his eye sockets, to keep him from returning. In the town of Ravengro, it paid to be careful.

Of course, that was the last time anyone saw him. Since then, the nails had been driven into his wooden coffin and his body had been sealed in a tomb. Local rumors speak of a ghastly silhouette that resembles Prof. Lorrimor walking through the mist-shrouded streets at night, apparently still looking for clues or information to the last project he was working on.


From Petros Lorrimor’s Wiki entry

“Professor Petros Lorrimor lived in the town of Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav with his young daughter, Kendra Lorrimor; they lived in a modest home to the south of the town.

“Lorrimor was a professor at the University of Lepidstadt and, as a scholar, Petros had used his knowledge and research to learn about the forces of evil to better combat them. He had particularly studied the Whispering Way as a local Ustalavic force for evil.

“Professor Lorrimor was murdered in 4711 AR by agents of the Whispering Way, led by the necromancer Auren Vrood, when he caught them in the act of stealing the soul of Lyvar Hawkran from the ruins of Harrowstone Prison. Lorrimor had been researching the occult organization for some time and had known they were up to no good in his town. Vrood made sure Lorrimor looked like he had suffered an accidental death.”

Professor Petros Lorrimor

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