Death is a Cruel Mistress

A Pathfinder RPG Campaign by Chris Coray, based on source material from Paizo Publishing

Welcome to the landing page for “Death is a Cruel Mistress.” This campaign was originally intended for first level players of any alignment and class, but is currently being played with 10th level characters. The themes of this story are darker in nature, threaded with elements of classic horror in literature as well as more modern takes on the macabre. It is intended for more mature players.

Players are encouraged to download and read Carrion Crown Player’s Guide. When we get a roster of committed players, I’ll be sending out a questionnaire to help set the story for the first session and to get a feel for who the PCs are.

To my knowledge, this campaign is considerably different from Carrion Crown. I really liked the setting but wanted to try something original.

We are currently full on players, most not listed on this site.
We have (Format is “Name: Race Class Level Additional”):

  • Achaodani: H-E Cleric 10 – Death/Healing domains
  • Chaam Balaam: H Sorcerer 10 – summoned Quasit helper named “Dork Borka”
  • Cleveland: H Cavalier 10 – Order of the Cockatrice
  • Sony: H-O Monk 10 – Tattooed unarmed warrior
  • Erändil: E Fighter 2/Rogue 8 – Made some decisions he regrets
  • ???: ? Wizard 10 – Necromancy School (joining us next session, character not 100% done)

Characters from our group who have not made an appearance in this campaign due to scheduling conflicts:

  • Brubeard: D Ranger 10 – Dual-wielding Dwarf of Doom
  • Shaelwyn: G Druid 10 – Rides a wolf into middle of battles

Death is a Cruel Mistress